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Chris and Moira


Chris and Moira

Vampires (Remastered)

Vampires chrisandmoira
Burning ashes on my carpet
Empty dirty broken glasses
Something's lurking in the smoggy air…

Raves of laughter break the silence
Now I'm on the edge of balance
Dreams have taken (quite a different face…x3

Do you remember who we were?
Just before
We got higher

Do you remember what we did?
To the stars
They're on fire
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Is this my imagination
Or am I holding my creation
I've been made to make a difference. ...

Shaky eyes have left me thinking
Could this be the end of dreaming
Pierce my flesh I (feel a sting beneath…x3

Why am I so cold?
Colder than the ice I hold
I hold in my heart
This heart that is hurting inside
And I'm not tryin hard enough