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Brothers Kime


Brothers Kime


The summertime is cool but it is always so hot just chilling on the curb waiting in my favorite spot for the bubble gum ice cream who doesn't like like when its covered in Fizz-Whiz pop-snap.
It's so hot outside sitting in the sun.
Killing all the ants with my magnifying glass.
Ring-a-ling-a-ding two blocks to go, I can hear the sweetness of this summertime glow.
I've got a dollar in the palm of my hand, my moms at the door telling me '
Stay on the sand'.
Dad's building ramps sop we can skate the sound is getting loud I can hardly wait for the ice cream man to bring us the goods, the summertime styley we know that he should.
Put on some sun screen cuz the sun is beating hot and this pavement is steaming at this very spot.
Forget the beach towel cuz I left it out back.
The sound is getting closer to an ice cold snack, between lunch and dinner and floating in the pool when you're a kid with no worries the summertime rules.
Leave a dollar for the ice cream man,
tell your mother not to hold your hand.