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Armand Hammer


Armand Hammer

Sunni's Blues

Lion of Judah/tree sparked him like Buddha
Freedmen in Liberia/Back to the Future
Knuckled down/came back with some shooters
Shakers and movers/Jump-Outs/crack paratroopers
Carpetbaggers blend with the looters
Crazy Baldhead Lex Luger's
Dreaming Prussian Blue *
Pleading with the sherriff that you just passing through
Wandering Sephardic Jew
Can't Stop The Prophet
Panhandling apocalypse/posthumous
Wallace Fard Muhammad forging documents*
Then into the ether*
Nasir out the speaker *
Z York* and Charles Taylor* taking flicks on Monrovian beaches
Secrets need keepers/finders get found under the bleachers
April 21st, 66, Kingston see the Black Jesus*
Dreamin' feverish/demons fiendish/
reached my zenith *
Withdrew the penis
Agent Zero* Gilbert Arenas
Finger guns outside the court appearance
Smoke & mirrors/ Jim Jones * /hint of brimstone/scale of the lizard
NGE* is the schism
Rock, Paper, Scissors
Smoked out, stabbed or sitting in prison
Philly's Finest dynamiting your building *
Guernica how they learnin' ya
Titanic/rearranging the furniture *
Freeway X James Harden *
Final Call moving slow in the new white Harlem
Bean pie* and St. Ides MMM I was starving
3 days the body lay in the weeds
Tall grass wet leaves came back
Anointed as a G *
Guns germs and steel*
Scripture civilize these savages
One true gospel
Post radical
Plastic explosives level tabernacles
Children mangled
4 little girls*
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This cause admirable
Scaled global
Words manifest
Infallible raw
Suspended by time
Defended in war
Tricks of the mind
Please Hold ur applause
Pressures applied
No room for the torn
Sworn assassins
50 lashes
Take the kingdom by force
One accord
Whats the law
Blood'll further my cause
False gods
Great Satan
Locked with Babylons whore
Whos report will u believe?
Leave no room for distortion
Heart on sleeve
No reprieve for Oppositional forces
Fatal fundamentally flawed
Logic reborn
Godbody With a face just like yours
Crown of thorns heavy carry the cross
Sharpen machetes on the jaws of the lost
Vengeance is mine sayeth the lord
Called from the womb
No choice but conform
Storm Heavens door
Purest intent
Real cause for alarm
Divine arms Hold the Righteous
Obedience is priceless
12 lost tribes
Compromise be non cipher
The hate that hate produced
Pathologically ill
Liberation theologian
We'll destroy and rebuild*