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Minor Majority


Minor Majority

The Dark Half

you're running out of time boy
show me what you've got
in a couple of minutes
they'll be shutting you up
everybody'll say they're sorry
but don't believe a word
they're giving in to the dark half
that's what I've heard

so, you decided to make it
on your own
who's to take the blame then
if you loose control
everybody'll say they're sorry
but you can't see why
you're just keeping up track
with the dark half, tonight

and who'll be there to supportyou
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when the shit comes down
you've got to ask yourself now
do you want them around
'cause everybody's gonna be sorry
when you run dry
and you'll be stuck out here
with the dark half by your side

so, now you're touching
ground with us
everyone here's a victim
but you're the boss
and although you're truly sorry
you've got to put on a show
if you talk the talk,
you've got to walk this walk alone