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Henning Pauly


Henning Pauly

Cities, Part 6

I don't know where to go from here
I don't know where to roam
What will I see tomorrow
Where will I sleep tonight
Who will I meet tomorrow
And who will I kiss goodbye

I don't know where to go from here
Still don't know who I am
In spite of all my travels
In spite of all I've seen
My mind replays the memories
And you can't take that from me

But who knows where to go from here
And who cares where I go, do I have to know
Where this road's leading, no place to sleep tonight
The sun just keeps repeating its pattern in the sky

Give me the journey
Oh, paint with all the colors of life
I'll walk the distance
To live on the canvas that I stain
With every memory
Coursing through my veins
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Know there's just a brush
And I am the world it paints

Tell me where to go from here
Tell me can I stay so I see you tomorrow
I'll sleep with you tonight
If I have to go tomorrow
Then I kiss your lips goodbye

I don't want to go from here
And will you understand when you wake up
And I'm not there in the middle of the night
These eyes have yet to see what's under all these skies

Give me the journey
Pour out the colors of my life
I see the distance
In the mirror passing by, yeah
Give me my journey
In every shade and stride
There is no reason
Why our worlds should collide