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I eyes just eyes change
it just pass the front gate eyah
think that you came
how many more days that i wait make plans for you
and let that fall though
eyaaaah eyaaah
I think I lie for you
I think I die for you
George really cry for you
do things that you want me to
like controlla (controlla)
you make all this promises
you say you want me
you tell me say you need bad too you know I like it
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controlla (controlla)
you give me mind (controlla)
so am telling telling everybody I know
say I know
that am crazy for you
say I too like fine thing o
you know I too like that kind thing oo
take me take me any where I would go
nobody goooo
me I don find that thing ooo
me I can't let that thing
say I die for you
probably cry for you
if you want I can dance for you


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