Journal of a Mad Scientist 歌詞 Worthwhile ※
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Journal of a Mad Scientist

Late one night
I can balance the elements
They boil and smoke in the glass
[?]I was dead
But the struggle to control [?]through our hair
I drink the potion from the flask
Admire myself in the mirror
I felt a god in my own skin
[?]something [?]
Free me from the reality of men

I awoke in the morning
With a smoke-free conscience
My creation waits upon the shelf
[Over the dose?]
Don't forgive the struggle [?]
My every act, and every thought
Consumed by this drink
I would punch through the window
Impaled-looking grin
I can barely wait the night
I become a stranger in my own skin

An angel on my shoulder
And a demon on the other
Whisper in my own ear
I would hear about what I want to hear
I am my doctor and my patient
And now my remedy became my enemy
With the same great [vigour to cure reality?]
[?]high and the same things right back to me

This old medicine has let the demons in
But there ain't no bottle in all the world
Like that dear little bottle of mine

Back at [?]
What have I become?
[?]has been
[?]in a coloured bottle
I saw a monster in my own skin

I was acting stupid
Something that was consuming me
I wish I would've [?]
When this all began
I threw it all away
I destroyed, didn't create
It was the journal of a mad scientist and
Here again, I to lay down the pen
And proceeded to my confession
I'm free
The life of an unhappy man
To an end