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Ugly Heroes


Ugly Heroes

Peace of Mind

The balance of emotions is important to a well rounded personality. But emotions out of control well....

'I've yet to feel what could be called 'peace of mind''

[Verse 1: Red Pill]
And every single morning he wake up to an alarm
Wake his kids to go to school and sip his coffee in his car
He had a 45 minute commute
To get to work, hop in the truck, delivery route
He'd drive around with dreams of winning the lotto
While his wife was sitting scheming about sipping the bottle
She'd bitch and scream and they would fight most nights
After he worked a long day keeping on those lights
He loved her though she loved liquor
Loyal to a fault, his kids wonder why he stuck with her
Thought if he kept the family together
Something would change in her, thing would have to get better
Stood by her til death when most wouldn't bother
And if you still haven't guessed this man is my father
He taught me loyalty and love so I respect that man
The reason I'm the man I am
I hope you find some peace of mind

'I came here tonight
I've yet to feel what could be called 'peace of mind''

[Verse 2: Verbal Kent]
I told myself there's no way I could watch it happen
I'd have to leave the room and let the doctor's handle it and then come back in
I've never been as wrong as that
Look at that woman, no look at that powerful soul, I've never seen anyone be as strong as that
They say the baby takes the father's image first
I went back and checked the photo from my own birth
It was identical
He looks more like his mother now and that's more than acceptable
Beyond the 'eat your vegetables and brush your teeth' talk
I locked the balcony like 'what if he sleep walk?'
Might sound ridiculous but that's just the icing on the cake
No sugar for two years now all he wants is icing on the cake
Peace of mind is a mystery but after true love
Everything else prior misery
I promise you creating life is a self fulfilling prophecy
Born 11-11-11 shit I should play the slot machine
I hope you find some peace of mind