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[Verse 1 – Curtis Williams]
I said I woke up quick, then I poured me a trip
Then I rolled me a zip, I might take your bitch
My niggas been with the shits, boy watch your lip
No telling they might trip
My mind twisted like a Dutch wrap, issues you don't want that
Promoters playing with my deposits, where my funds at?
And you don't wanna see my other side
You're only used to seeing [?], don't wanna see these other guys
They gon ride when they want, not when I say so
Managed by some OGs, I promise they don't play ho
And we ain't telling, threats, you wasn't placing bets
Interscope was talking bout money, they want the whole set
And bitch we ride for the fam, middle fingers to Uncle Sam
Unfamiliar, ask your girl who I am, talking cash talk
Nigga, cash talk

That money what we got and what we came for
See my niggas like family, they do the same note
We want the money and the cars and the chains ho
Tryna be rich forever nigga, fuck the fame though
And if you see them niggas twisting they fingers then that be us
And if you see them niggas twisting they fingers then that be us

[Verse 2]
Don't short me on my pockets
My build up like the first characteristic of my wallet
I can't manage broken promise
I might just [?]dishonest, villainous, doctor doom
And a fat nigga on sonics, so you better get behind it
[?], residuals come behind it, the east where you come to find her
Ay, the east where you come to find em
I readily paid, the [?]to the grave, to prove for my nigga no fronting
You better be ready to uh, you better be ready to uh
We move in silence, when it come to this violence
No consignment, when it come to the contract
Ban the villains and niggas who claim they selling some remix
Finesse in my hood, you probably won't live to reap it, G shit
For life is how I kick it, Two-9, that's what I'm living
The gang right here, don't get to tripping
Especially when you see them fingers twisted, listen