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Arnold Palmer

[Verse 1:Wiki]
Sipping up, housed in a six
Busting ass, dressing fucking fresh like he was playing golf
Caddie in the back, holding Pattie's bags, pay him more
Mamma makes the best Arnold Palmers, sip it and relax
Now it's winter, and I'm thinking back on the summertime
What a time, run around, not a soul is stuck inside
Everybodys out, on the roof and the grills on, now we all got 700-fills on
I'm a mutt, I'm iced tea mixed with the lemonade
And it's made with that brisk mix, yeah get it made
Burn the fucking spliff, with that pretty bitch, hit the J
Yeah, I'm mixed, bitch, sip that iced tea and lemonade

[Hook: Hak][x2]
Can I make you fall in love with a few words?
See, I wanna know what you about
At least a few days sitting in the sun
See, I wanna know what you about

[Verse 2: Hak]
One spliff can cut up my throat, choked
Written on a rainy day, just to float
So soaked in the sacrificial smoke
I dream I've seen a sketch of hope
I mean I've seen the sets of so
Dream bright, sad soul, dream bright
And leave the nightmares for saddened souls
Cobble roads on the block where it's all gold
Where it all goes on the clock
It could start, it could stop
I can make it drop
This is Hak

[Verse 3: Wiki]
This is Wik
Called you back on 6th and 6th and we met
Back of the [?], and we went wherever we went
All the time we spent getting fucked up, now we paying rent
But we won't forget where we from, from, where we went
Where we, where we from, we some mutts, we some, we some mutts

[Bridge: Hak & Wiki]
The skies ain't golden
Anywhere you go
On our way home [x2]

Yeah, I'm mixed, bitch, sip that iced tea and lemonade
Sip that iced tea and lemonade [x4]