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Matt Andersen


Matt Andersen

The Fight

There's trouble in the water
And poison in the ground
We've had nothing but worry
Since the fight came to town

So mothers grab your children
And fathers grab your guns
The fight is on our doorstep
And we've got nowhere left to run

This rotten smell of money
Is hanging in the air
It's getting harder to live now
But the fight it doesn't care

You can feel it all around you
You can taste it when you breathe
But they tell you that it's nothing
Cause the fight it doesn't bleed

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It's time wake up
It's time to realize
We let it go too far
We got to make up the time
It's bigger than it seems
And getting worse every day
If we pretend we don't see
It won't go away

You can see it in the faces
Of the old and the young
We're gonna have to face this
Cause the fight will never run

It's time for us to stand up
It's time for us to rise
And everything we've got
We must give it to the fight