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Matt Andersen


Matt Andersen

My Last Day

I 'd knock on the door to see my mother
And thank her for raising me right
I 'd pick up the phone and call all my old lovers
Tell them there's no need to fight

What would I do, what would I do
I wouldn't care about the change in my pocket
I wouldn't worry about the bills that I owe
When I close that door, I'm not gonna lock it
I've gotta go, I've gotta go

Bye bye, baby so long
Turn out the lights, it's alright to be gone
So long I'm going away
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That's what I'd do with my very last day

I'd call my best friend and give him my best
Fill up the tank and keep heading west
Spend the evening chasing the sun
Thinking back on the races we've run

I'd take a walk by the saint john river
And let my memories drift downstream
I'd take a deep breath and remember
Life is but a dream, life is but a dream