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Jitta On The Track


Jitta On The Track

BiPolar [intro]

This be the realist shit I ever wrote
Bipolar ho
This be the realist shit I ever wrote
I think I'm going BIPOLAR

Fuck the world love you all
Time will call my results
Been so stressed I need a Tylenol
I never cried before
But ima give everything up inside me lord
See I'm blessed and I'm cursed going bipolar
Regret my night when ever I roll up
Dawg , when's the last time that I was sober ?
My management didn't do shit
Got up out that contract
Kept my day one niggas in that was there for me since way back
Jay R god bless your soul The Lord had his plans for you
And I promise on him myself ima do everything that I can for you
PJ god bless your soul
Two angels in one week
Two tears on both cheeks
Pray to god on both knees
If I die before I wake my soul is yours to take
No Bulldog (bull dawg)
No Georgia State
I got kicked out can't afford a place
So I work hard for my dreams nigga
No man can't beat Jitta
No man can't be Jitta
First comes my team nigga
Then come my green nigga
Then we all gone eat
A new artist on that peak
Pursuit harder every single week
I'm a beast never should of let a nigga of the leash
Ima eat
Bite down sink my teeth
Got a call last week
From a man that look like me
Never ever knew him in my whole damn life
Only showing up in my dreams
Think about it every god damn night
Said that nigga just look like me
You ever think it's a dream?
That's your real father
You only 21 my nigga but I feel for you
Never felt for you
Gotta understand where I stand
Had to raise myself to a man
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Used to write rhymes with a crayon
This is more than music
Some might think I'm foolish
Some might think I'm stupid
But my names Jitta
I'm going Bipolar
Drop the flame nigga
See I'm Bipolar going BIPOLAR

My doctor called me fucking up
Tried to tell me I'm bipolar
Fuck y'all I love y'all I pray to god i don't die sober
I fly over my chain golden my weed purple
Better OVERALLS no Steve Urkel
Got a white bitch that like Keith Urban
I keep flirting
Police searching
We eat perfect
I'm fresher than detergent
MOLLYLUJAH, nigga Frank Kirklin
Or Kirk Franklin
I don't sleep I'm KNOCKTURNAL
My chicks dope , don't care about yah
Don't care about that fucking gossip
Got a hippie chick that likes Janis Joplin
I'll take your bitch it hasn't been a problem, bitch I been a problem to this party ho
On the track like cardio
Articles in my audios, y'all lame rappers have sorry flows
(Siri) SORRY
It's a new year nigga
(Siri) NIGGA
New change no gear nigga
(Siri) NIGGA
Bring the pain and the fear nigga
(Siri) SORRY
Dope shit , real shit making moves
Team looking like they can't fucking lose
May Day May Day i made the news
And pay days every day when u made lose
Relates to who?
Relations too
My team my brother
My dream my brother, BELIEVE MY BROTHER