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Jennifer Crook


Jennifer Crook


Apples falling on the grass
Red brick houses, things that last
Feed the birds and sweep the path
Another day's begun

Picking fruit and shelling peas
Making endless cups of tea
Keeping track of history
As the day moves on

Piles of papers, odds and ends
Things to grow and make and mend
Mother, sister, Granny, friend
Loved by everyone

Snow on Sunday, shoes for best
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Clocks and books and winter vests
Better get yourself undressed
Now the evenings come

Take the candle, climb the stair
A hundred brushes through your hair
And don't forget to say a prayer
Now the day is done

Count your blessings don't be sad
God bless Mum and God bless Dad
And relatives I never knew I had
God bless everyone
God bless everyone