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Hubba Hubba

Yeah, yeah, yo
Eat, Pray, Thug
Yo, yo, Himanshu

[Verse 1]
Bitch, I'm back, Heemi-Heemi
And them women think I'm dreamy
And them fellas wanna be me
But neither of 'em can see me
I'm in my head, I'm dreaming for that next lit
I'm screaming for that next check
I'm screaming and ya best bet some leaning
Hubba, hubba, Heema, Abner Louima
Amadou Diallo, I'm a new diablo
This molly está bueno, not bad meaning bad
Yeah, I'm talking about that ash
La pépé, spin another hash spliff
Eat, Pray, Thug, it's like hat-trick, hat-trick
It's madness
They calling him an addict, it's tragic
I'm the fucking man, now I don't have it
[Verse 2]
Dog food (Woof woof), I'm of another pedigree
Them critics just won't let me be
And I done lost the energy
Educate and set them free
They've never been a friend to me
Frenemy, ahead of me
It's plain to see, take planes to see
I go and see the [?]
Poetry, flow-etry, the beat like water
When I'm in the sea, it flow with me
Young gualawala, young cocoa butter
Tat her name across the brain, word to Veena that's my mother
Heemy is that man, he follow through with plans
He roll on up with vans, he follow up with fans
He swallow up the jams, they follow when he land
Goddamn, goddamn, goddamn

[Verse 3]
Bitch, I'm back, pack the blat
Couldn't flip, no acrobat
Yeah, monkeys can sell bananas
J-J-Jack, that's a fact
So, I'm like 'Where the party at?'
And can I bring my gat?
Where the party at?
And can I bring my gat?
The great gats be that TEC-9 and that AK
Cut rounds of that yayay
On that big book from AA
Goddamn, I'm bent like elbows, no I'm not worried
Cause when I step up in the party like 'Himanshu Suri!'(x4)