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Hank Williams, Jr.


Hank Williams, Jr.

Pride's Not Hard to Swallow

I wish you'd look
Who's crawling back to you
I never thought
I'd live to see today

I swore to you the day I left
This time I'd go for good
And I was even proud enough
To tell myself I could

But it took a lot of lonely nights
To ever change my mind
It took a lot of missing youth
And things that I'd left behind

Intending to keep going
But the going got too rough
And pride's not hard to swallow
Once you chew it long enough

I know we won't
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Always see eye to eye
But if you'll take me back
This time I'll really try

So many things I could have done
So much I failed to do
I've never needed anyone
As much as I need you

And it took a lot of lonely nights
To ever change my mind
It took a lot of missing youth
And things that I'd left behind

Intending to keep going
But the going it got too rough
And my pride's not hard to swallow
Once I've chewed it long enough


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