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Post To Be

Pour up, have a toast with me
Jersey on the map, how it's post to be
Pour up, have a toast with me
Time to put Jersey where it's post to be

So why you talkin' bout states you never been in?
Steaks you never bit in, cake you never gettin'
I'm like how you do that
Nigga we ball for real, I'll show you how to do that
Domino pearl coupe, try to copy [?]that
I chase with money, yeah I make money
In and outta state money
Roll up and rap for a time, this ain't bank money
Oh you hot, rose gold you bought
Ho fall back, listen to my nigga ZooWap

Only foreign cars when I bend it, aye
I turn the whole crowd when I finish, aye
I ball like Mike J, boy I'm winnin', aye
These niggas can't smoke with me
Got your bitch baggin' dope like it's groceries, aye
So you know I keep the toast with me
She the Trap Queen so she gon' go for me

Guess who's near baby
My diamonds clear baby
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CakeE, where we at, where the money and the bitches at?
Knowing if she's somewhere in the crew you can't get her back
Grab the Patron and put the Henny back
Nigga up in her kitty cat, she hypnotized
You gon' think Biggie back
Two hoes like pitty pat
When a nigga dancin' on his money you gon' think Diddy back
Yeah it's Mr. To Drop Somethin', the new drop comin'
You won't leave the mall unless you got somethin'
Said we ain't goin' nowhere if crew not comin'
We in the car play Remy Boyz, ZooWap somethin', (I don't know)
That's how we live when we gettin' this bread
Asked why, what we doin'
He turned and then he said

Your nigga wanna talk to me
Cause I can't keep them dope boys off of me
Your bitch can't floss with me
I got that Gucci-Gucci yah yah with the [?]ooh
He wanna get close to me, ooh
He say we wanna smoke with me, ooh
He still gettin' close to me
So he ain't goin' home where he's post to be