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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Corey FeldmanAngelic 2 the Core: Angelic Funkadelic/Angelic RockadelicAngelic 2 the Core

Corey Feldman


Corey Feldman

Angelic 2 the Core

[Intro Skit]
NARRATOR (V.O.):Meanwhile, back on planet Earth
COREY:Good morning Angels
ANGELS:Good morning Corey
COREY:Did you sleep well Angels?
ANGELS: Wonderful of course
COREY: Wonderful. Now Angels, your mission today, should you choose to accept it, is going to be a three-part mission: Part one, I need you to go out there and spread love, light and truth to all the people of the Earth. Part two, you want to get 'funkadelic' and 'rockadelic' with your mission. I wanna see you dancing and I wanna see you making the people dance. And number three, and this is the most important, Angels, don't forget to be sexy— I mean, er, the most important thing of course is for you to go out and gather everybody on your team for Test One. First I want you to go get Detective Jones, and be careful because she has a forbidden attraction. Then I want you to find Detective Howard, and have no mercy on him, because he's around some bad people. And, do it lickety-splicky. And remember! Go for it and be seamless in all of your actions, because with all this negativity, you're gonna wanna break free. Ya got me?
ANGELS: Got you
COREY: Now get out there, and please, for God's sakes, be angelic to the core
ANGELS: Of course
COREY: (Laughs)

[Verse 1]
Dark seed, dirtin' in me
Take 'em with my happy thoughts
Disparaging me
You will drip see
Livin' in fee
The recipe it does graph E
With dig a rep me

This is your chance
Hot tore in hands
So hey man let's dance
(dance, dance, dance)
The choice's no more
Just take it to the floor
Angelic to the core
(take it to the, take it to the floor)