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Forever 33

On the road again
Here's an obligatory reference to Kerouac
He was eating apple pie in a diner
I'm sneezing, sleeping on a rug with cats
Still trying to convince myself that exposure will fend away life long allergies
While waking puffy eyed as a boxer every other day of the week
These songs are spare change signs
Under rain
Dripping and smudged
Near the freeway entrance
New Haven Connecticut I - 91
I've gone on a mission
From a vicious dickhead God
Who loves to torture for fun
And I'll die trying to please him
This tour will never be done

I've gone from point A to point Z
From salt lake to Dead Sea
And I've lost faith in humanity
Though I badly want to believe
While conscious rappers sample 'I have a dream'
I'll discuss life with Latin Kings
Wondering what freedom means
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In a cell with junkies detoxing

I could really give a shit about a critical opinion
If a CEO can make billions
Then the world we know is filth ridden
Some of us rock shows to make a living
Some of us rock coke to feed our children
Some of us flat broke
And we all know that the fast food dough won't cover 4 kids' clothes

Back on the road
Parole let me leave for a week
Out of prison but I still can't believe that they locked me for weed
Kingpin to the CTPD
Cause a rat told them that it was all meant for me

If Factor can finish this beat
Then the album is close to complete
Forever 33
Christ-nice like Ornery
Fake Four Till I stop breathing