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Big K.R.I.T.


Big K.R.I.T.

Hype (Freestyle)

I'm on a roll like a rim on a rolls
Swangers adapting while scraping them fours
Pressing them buttons aww it ain't nun
Nigga popped up the trunk look what it showed
Smooth criminal easing the game
These niggas here is easily lame
Creeping and crawling my TD was falling like woah woah woah
Easy up bang
Chopped up the corner I set out the whip spraying with that candy damp in the drip
Underneath the Sunday posing the flip
Bitch I pucker up the come up on ya lips
Get out the car like I fell off a cliff
Fondue flow I'm good with the chips
Old school grind I'm good with the clips
Turn the club parking lot to the VIP
Hate to make it bout money my nigga, but
It's about money my nigga, I
Rarely be talking bout balling, but
Ain't like a nigga just getting by
Ain't like a nigga ain't overseas
Top floor, car keys, got chains, got rangs, but I rock these beats
Why not?
When you come up with shit out of thin air its magic
When I tell a bitch I wanna jump on it its say
I told ya'll Lebron was gon win that ring
Ah ha
Who the fuck said I wasn't king?
Bow down
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I'm two steps and three flights away
I'm on the kinda bird that turn night to day
You gotta wait your turn
I got the right of way
I built the castle I live in
You gotta fight to stay
Blood sport nigga, blood sport this is gladiator shit
Cop my nigga truck to show these lames how a gladiator get it
I'm slicker with the flow than a fresh perm and activator kit
After this 12 for 12, they like
Who activated KRIT?
I'm on a roll like a dice game
Shake em up, shake em up, shake em up, shake em
Steak with the shrimp and rice mane
Scrape it up, scrape it up, scrape it up, scrape
I'm on a roll like a bread maker
Bake it up, bake it up, bake it up, bake
I'm on a roll like them Ben Franklin's
Get to the paper, the paper, the paper

I'm on a roll like
12 for 12
I'm on a roll like
12 for 12
I'm on a roll like
12 for 12