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Asylum Pyre


Asylum Pyre

Different Sides, Same Thoughts

(The timeless story of Manipulation, relativity and closed eyes
Starting on a metaphor, it slowly appears as today's reality)

The story begins in a field
So far, spotless are all the shields
In any mind, yes any mind
The very same thoughts, we can find

The words of their leaders
The words of their fathers
They said:

'Heir of God
We are the one
To rule this land, their mind
Follow Me and you will meet the glory'

In their heads, it now seems evident...

'Love as (the) 'One'
Love as goal
Love as a way to live
To my clan I will bring the harmony
I'll follow and I will meet the glory
Follow me and you will see…'

Storyteller's request
Oh Please, Please, Listen to me!
Till the end of the song
Listen to me… me…

The sun rises and lights the place
A new day starts - warming embrace

Day after day, prepare the fight
Slowly walk on toward their light
They believe so strong in these words

First side Thoughts
For my land, my god, my King
I would give everything
And even if I have no chance
I'd die for you my beloved fence

Riding On - I Smile – I'm Proud!
This is truth - I scream out loud!

Second side Thoughts
Here is my point of view
I mistrust all what is new
And I've grown up with all these ideas
But I still believe I am me…
Angry for I was told to be!

Third Thoughts
By the words or by the steel
This token of love you will feel
And Even If It has No sense
I offer to you my last dance

I do know it in my heart and my soul
Story begun a long time ago
Why do we follow this way?

All these words echo
Over the field
But not any foe's
Ready to yield
They all fear the woe
Coming across the hill

There's something that is wrong
I can feel it so strong

In the plain
People at my left
So numerous – So scared
People at my right
So numerous – So scared
People behind me
So numerous – So scared
People in front of me
So numerous – So scared
So numerous – So scared - Heads
Heads, as far as the eye can see

This one is my brother...
Oh … unless it is this other one
That man on the other side of the field, why is he so different?
Language, skin, god or least?
This one is from my family, and this one?
Yes? No? Yes? No?...
My head is exploding
I must try to calm down...

Tension, sweat...
And Time Stops

I can't speak - My Heart beats in my temples, And I… can hardly breathe

In his mind
Searching inside

Again the tension, the pressure,
It's gonna start
Right now...

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And the horses jump
Some people run
Oh - The weapons clash

Strange kinds of dreams
Some souls leave
Oh - The weapons clash

The Ares' song
Is deafening
Oh - The weapons clash!

Now I feel it in my heart and my soul
Story begun a long time ago
Why do we follow this way?

Anywhere I go
I can see the pain
And the sorrow
But inside my veins
Oh Lord I know…
I know this is in vain!

(I) can not believe in what I see

Seeing all these men
Hurting each other
Holding in hands
Flags and dead feathers
Don't understand
That they all are brothers

Dead feathers are fallen feathers
Fallen feathers are useless feathers

Fights carry on harder and harder...

We carry on killing the dead!
Again... Again... Fury!

About the Nations
About Religions
Any Decision

Job, law and so on

Stop a second...
Now that it's finished
Our leader sings and light is in his eyes

Souls countdown
But We...
We count our passed friends
Can't help crying...
Crying Crying...
The meaning of it all?

Sun – Joy?
A little gloom of hope
My vengeance will be to have none...

Can't you feel it in your heart and your soul?
This story that is hurting you so
Will you carry on this way?

Fighting for ideas
That are not yours
Thinking what you see's
The only truth
Hiding in showbiz
And do not watch the news

Well do you understand that

This is not another story of kings and queens you've already heard of but a Timeless discord that you are part of

Everywhere – Everyday

Day and night we claim
Others are to blame
My heart's open but theirs are closed
They are losing my game

But deep inside their heads…
They think all the same…

Different Sides - Same Thoughts, It's a Nonsense
The most difficult way

Each night you dream, each day You deeply believe, that what you do is fair.
Each night he dreams, each day he deeply believes, that what he does is fair.
Each night she dreams, each day she deeply believes, that what she does is fair.

Often they think the same
Just a different Name
Wherever you are, home, work, politic,…

And nobody seems to understand it...

And at different levels… (And ages!)
It will always lead to some kind of War...