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Fathom Infinite Depth

There is a pit I may have dug within one single frozen moment.
In it lurks a haunting endless multitude of vile incarnate.
We now are linked,I have become it's counter-part,
Its mindless pawn.
Relentlessly racing encircling curse.
Blistering, this unrelenting becoming to excavate
The rancid soil that lay upon the artifact.

Why is my hand gone?

Constant begging, Pleading, Screaming.
I attempt to reason with the recess.
Fusing with the elder's vision, to see as it sees.
Does it hear me? For I now hear it.
This pit the past, and I the present.
Deep behind my eyes we merge as one.
This tunnel is the retina of the Ancients eye.
Spewing forth from it's dark chasm
The entangled,deranged,Constant vile constructs of the onyx.
What lay beneath my eyes, exhumed from evermore.
Our minds unable to measure
How minute yet immense the grasp of this vacuous gash.

Excavating the pits innards
Bore an object that of which I craved possession.
I reach down to grab it, It eats my hand.
Leaves my limb dripping.
A taste of what awaits.

I will take it to my casket, this incessant mesh of madness.
My son and wife, and hand, and mind have left me
Incineration of my sanity leading me closer to death,
Yet I must illuminate its fathomless depth.

Emanating forces from this unearthly twisted retinal orifice,
Drag me down at night to reveal
The awful dwellings of it's depths below.
Crepuscular visions of vastness haunting me.
Trapping me. Taunting me. Draining me.
Slithering liquid breathing.
Black ooze leaking from my wounded limb.
Insatiable, it's gluttony to be fed.
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I want to wake up.

I awake to find I'm staring
Oblivious into the pit that I have dug.
Revolted yet I cannot turn away.

Man's attempt to fathom the infinite depth, lurking within finite matter.

Man can't fathom.

Fuelling my crippling phobia of infinity.
Consuming all within it's potent grasp.
After tasting my hand it demands more and more flesh.
It sucks in stray birds from the withered grey sky.

In fever I erode my fears. Digging ever deeper still.
As past, present and future collide,
What remained of my mind is now crawling away.
With the one hand that I have left,
I wield the shovel that digs beyond earth.

Through the dirt. Through my eyes.
Through the worms. Through the world.

As it stares deep into me, I respond with equal enquiry.
Demented sycophantic liquid doppelgangers
Leak out to our surface,
In search of life to feed into the gape.
Taking over the world we know, as I join the world below.
Merging with the spiralling retina of the mind's eye.
Altered, I face all my hells
Inside this pit I can't crawl out.

Man's attempt to fathom the infinite depth, lurking within finite matter.

Past the timeless tunnel awaits
Life in mass-less hyper state.