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deal with it

By:Amanda Benedit
Just go away
Get out of my face
I've had enough of you today
I'm gonna disappear, without a trace
I hate you more than anything
Hate is something I strive
Things don't get better
And parents don't stop ruining our lives
Obviously I wasn't blessed with good luck
But in way everyone's life sucks
Some people put their problems to the side
But not me, not this time
You gotta just deal with it
Don't try ignoring it
Tell them how you really feel
Its time to stand up for yourself
Break open the seal
End chorus
I know im not the only one with problems
Even though you fail to realize that
Everyone has some, time to solve them
No lies, it's a fact
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Ive been cought so many times
Too many to mention
I do because im stupid, not just to kill time
No way in hell, I do it for affection
Been listening to you talk all day
Its amazing how much shit you have to say
I get mad, but keep it in
Its time to deal with it
Chorus x1
I have never had so much hate in my life
It will stay, till you're out of my site
Im not your little girl anymore
Im old enough to hate, and I hate you, that's for sure
Im breaking out of my shell
Its not like the past
Where you'd pick me up Everytime I fell
Its ture, life comes at you fast
You act like the sun's gonna shine
Everytime you say things will be fine
Instead of following orders
I think Ill cross the border
And deal with it!