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Sun Child

[Verse 1:AK]
They said we all started as a molecule
Products of carbons evolving
Honest that, knowledge hardly be solving my problems
How about you?

Too much conscious blockers, and coppas watchin', leavin' no option for the black neighborhood optics that got us, that's probably true
But, I'm bout it bout it, and any climate to rise to occasions, probably regardless, it's trapped inside as I'm writing it
Gaia got me love like log hugging and what not
That universal one inside become the sense of young jock
Young Ak, focus on shoulders, he hold the whole block
Non stop - Audio choppin' until I'm in top spot
Higher purpose, higher learner, earnin' with that fire burnin' inside ya good mind determined and pious, but oddly yearning
Golly, like Gandhi, indigo blue all around me
Homie, you don't wanna try me, get folded like origami
I roll the dice and hope that you (truth) soon will find me
Yo, live your life, don't get it twice, take flight, the stars are aligning

When I was just a kid
They told me I could have everything in this world
And that's exactly what I did
They told me how to love
They told me how to live
They told me how to stay loyal, how to do it big

They told me the world's ours
Yeah yeah
They told me the world's powers
Yeah yeah
They told me the world's ours
Yeah yeah
They told me the world's ours
Yeah yeah

[Bridge: AK](2x)
One with the planet, homie, one with the earth
I swear a nigga born with knowledge, been enlightened since birth
What it's worth, I tell them pictures painted worth a thousand-a words
So get the picture, our existence is one, ya heard?

[Verse 2: AK]
We be the light fam, souls eternal, no lifespan
Tap in your inner soul, young indigo
Don't fight it, man, neva bite the hand that feeds you
To live, you gotta be evil
To love, you gotta evolve
That's word to Charles Darwin
I never harm another, my nigga, you my brotha
No momma, you my sister, we all part of each other
Since that's come from herbal shuttles keep me one of sun
Can't defeat me, the fuck, disappear like genie, can't see me
Where my dreams be, nigga