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I Will Never Let You Down

Tell me baby what we're gonna do
I'll make it easy got a lot to lose
Watch the sun and light coming through
Open the window let it shine on you
'Cause I've been sick and working all week and i've been doing just fine
You've been tired of watching me forgot to have a good time boy
You can take it all these faces never keeping it real yeah
I know exactly how you feel
When you say you've had enough
and you might just give it up
oh oh I I'll never let you down
When you're feeling low on love I'll be what you're dreaming of
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oh oh I'll never let you down
oh oh I'll never let you down
oh oh I'll never ley you down

There's a million ways to go
Don't be embarrased if you loose control
On the roof top now you know
Youe body's frozen and you've lost your soul

Cause I've been sick working


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