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Aaron Tippin


Aaron Tippin

I'm Leaving

作詞:Aaron Barker, Ron Harbin, L David Lewis

As we passed in the hall
She said, 'We need to talk
I can't go on like this another day'
I froze in my tracks
And a chill ran up my back
'Cause I knew what she was gonna say

She said, 'There's someone else
And I've kept it to myself
But I can't keep these feelings locked inside
And I need to tell you this
It's one of your old friends
One, you haven't talked to in a while'

She said, 'I'm leavin'
And there's nothing you can do'
I said, 'I had a feeling
You found somebody new
And I'll bet I can guess his name
But it's so hard to believe
'Cause she said, 'You're not even close
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It's someone you don't know
I'm leaving you for me'

I just stood there at a loss for words
Tryin' to catch my breath
'Cause I knew that it was over when she said

'I'm leaving
And there's nothing you can do
And I said, 'I had a feeling
That you found somebody new'
And I'll bet I can guess his name
But it's so hard to believe
Oh she said, 'You're not even close
It's someone you don't know
I'm leaving you for me'

She said, 'You're not even close
It's someone you don't know
I'm leaving you for me'


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