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Written, recorded, produced, engineered, & performed by Broc Jesch (

1st Verse
Don't stare because I'm right there blowing cannabis in the air
getting more stoned than stoneware so many want to be like Perseus
I'll smoke them all out and be courteous so many know that I blaze up
hydro burning up primo white rhino until my eyes glow red like diablo
with the wacko tobacco like a buffalo soldier turning you into a
boulder nobody will smoke out this stoner so many people that you
know are vanishin' an everybody is panickin' shocked standin' like a
mannequin stoned off of cannabis that is blue an I'm really going to
be turning you into a statue many I've already shown while rolling up
a cone of homegrown smoking up everything that I own I'm a full-blown
super stoner well known I will find you
all alone then I will turn you into stone

I'm kind of like Medusa because I will seduce ya and get you stoned
it won't be postponed you will get owned
come with me come quickly and you'll see
I'm kind of like Medusa because I will seduce ya and get you stoned

2nd Verse
Don't look because I'll leave you shook ripping pages out your prayer
book just to roll a big jay today I'm blowing your wig back like a
toupee with a thick grey cloud of weed smoke taking a toke until you
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feel like a slowpoke I'll turn them into marble like I came up out of
a different portal better than a mortal but I'm not normal blowing
hydroponic in the air looking like a nightmare giving you the death
stare you're going nowhere your testimony is phony everybody around
me is stoney I will get you stoned
literally I will be the last thing that you see

3rd Verse
Don't glare with the cannabis I will impair I'll light up a jay
without a care an everywhere is cloudy sparking up maui wowie higher
than Towelie baking out the hallways in a haze so many people I amaze
when I blaze having them frozen in a daze when they gaze I'm a
problem on the rise visualize in the dark all they're going to see is
glowing eyes an then I'll paralyze because I'm hell bound spell bound
passing around blunts in the background nobody can arrest me come
test me and see I'll be coming through with the honeydew two more
blunts I'll commit to an I'm really going to turn you into a statue


Song Title: Medusa
Artist: Breezy
Album: Super Stoner 3
Producer: Broc Jesch (
2018 Breezy LLC