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Cannabis & Coffee

Now would be the time to get rowdy
It's time to make the whole room cloudy
Then I get more Cannabis & Coffee
because I can't think of any better hobby

I'm turing every room into a purple haze
an I'm filling up your ashtrays right after
I blaze like a fog machine running off of cannabis & caffeine I'm loving it like a
fiend loving the routine huffing an puffing
an passing the green every single morning
I'm baking out the ride like my name was Tommy Chong making it really cloudy
because I own a bong an if you got some
green then we can get along sipping on
black coffee and smoking the marijuana
doing what I want to an I'm going to pour another cup & roll another up even
chieffing along the way to a Cannabis Cafe
I'm doing better than okay with my coffee
& a jay you could say that I was the coolest
on the playground I'd even bring a blunt to pass around feeling like I did a fat rail of coke surrounded by the smoke that's everywhere
an I resemble Smokey The Bear burning like
a crematoria bringing me to a state of
euphoria even attracting major crowds
because I'm baking & making them major clouds an I know exactly what I want a cup
of joe & a blunt blowing clouds like That
70's Show because life is too short for so
much sorrow

Right after my cannabis and coffee
I'm eating a potent Rice Krispy sipping
that Jamaica Me Go Crazy really I'm wide awake just making the room hazy leaving
every place pretty foggy like a Hookah Bar passing around that chronic that I put in a cigar skateboarding to Tim Horton's because
I got to get more before my cigar shortens
can't you see the importance now maybe you don't but I do maybe I'm higher than you so
I got to smoke to the extreme it really helps
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my self-esteem creating steam then I fall
asleep & have a nice blue dream just so I
can wake 'n bake & take a shot of expresso taking another smoke break & a cup to go some people think I'm loco like Yoko Ono probably because I'm over the rainbow
toking on that primo talking about that hydro wrapped in a dutch hoe with a cup of coffee not cocoa awfully hot not icy an I'm
matching with the posse damn it I really love my cannabis and coffee marijuana's really
like the best drug so now I got to reheat up
my coffee mug

I love the weed so I got a big bouquet
it's looking like it is about to be a really
day an I don't want tea I want coffee
breaking up every bean I'm into ketamine
I mean smoking on that evergreen
grabbing a cup of joe to go because I
need to reup needing it every time I
need to be up so I got to pour more java steaming pretty hot a lot like lava waking
and baking an taking away the drama you
must not know me Momma an every 420
is a reminder an therefore I put flowers in
my grinder definitely my high is more enjoyable going to the sky because I'm
capable packing a bowl of white widow
you said it was Indo but I can smell the
hydro even when it's in the baggie time
to go get coffee & make the room foggy
turned to the weed like Scooby Doo an
I'd be lying if it wasn't true man I am
pretty stoned like a statue making up
another pot an then I hit brew I thought
that I told you all day I am all about this
with coffee and cannabis cause that is marvelous

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