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1st Verse
This is a warning this isn't Training Day Hero police hate me like NWA they're saying that I'm mixed up like a Dalmatian saying that I'm a moron when they're the ones with their cape on the people always label me a methodical critical criminal because I'll pack a bowl toking that medical feeling invincible stoned like I looked into the eyes of Medusa the feds dislike me like Lalapalooza I'm whooping that ass every single day because that's the way it has to be don't be a casualty you haven't heard the last of me the people are panicking frantically acting like I'm Cyclops white cops calling me a villain considering my debut when i slide through I'm taking them all away an everyday I see them pray & always hear them say

Damn Superman aint gonna come & save the day (3X)
Damn Superman aint coming

2nd Verse
They heard about the Batman verses Superman an they heard about me smoking with the Green Goblin now clearing a bong clears my mind & gets me stupid high you couldn't smoke me out so I wouldn't even try an I bet ya that this villain won't slip better than DeadPool while I unload my clip so many try to sass me harass me take my dope & not even ask me there's a warrant out to my surprise an this villain is on the rise in a hooded disguise now I'm a wanted man catch me if you can but I'm really hard to catch they got me on a poster but they only have a sketch I'm the bad guy say goodnight to the good guy I'm 10 steps ahead with an alibi the F.B.I. didn't see me coming this morning this is a warning

3rd Verse
They say me in the magazine next to Wolverine on the drug screen smoking green next to a drug cruise saw me in the funny papers with the rolling papers in the weed fields for acres & acres even saw me in the comic books given dirty looks delivering vicious hooks I'm a brawler Nightcrawler more like a Rottweiler that'll kick your ass for a dollar I'm an abomination combination of a dope sensation & the wrestling federation I'm a bad creation an you're facing devastation I'll show you all damnation when you should of stayed on vacation witness annihilation now the police are pacing an they want me down at the station listen people saying he has risen I thought he was in prison yes sound the siren guess a villain is what I'm becoming I'm scorned be warned nobody's coming