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Bo Burnham


Bo Burnham


I moved to Hollywood recently from Boston, where I grew up.
And I heard about these sort of wild Hollywood party nights that people would have.
And I didn't think they were true until I moved to Hollywood and I started having them.
Anyway, this is a song about a crazy night that happened a couple months ago.
It's called 'What Did I Do Last Night?'

Yeah, yeah, yeah
What the fuck did I do last night?

I cried myself to sleep

It was a good one

I like the word poop, sorry!
Yeah we're getting edgy
I like the word poop cause when you say poop your mouth does the same motion your butthole does when it poops.
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Not my best, probably my worst

When did mother first describe gay sex to me?
Good question
I was eight years old, I have a joke for that
I was eight years old.
She sat me down at the dinner table, she was very mature about it.
She said do you know how much my father and I love each other?
I said of course you and dad love each other more than two people in the world could possibly love each other.
She said, well two men can love each other in the exact same way that your father and I love each other.
Yeah, she said what happens when two men love each other like that, what they do is they take off all their clothes, ugh.
They get in the bed and they shit on the Bible!

So I don't really talk to her anymore