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Backboards (Sene Featuring Blu)

[Verse 1:Sene]
I hear the backboards
Or is it crackheads shooting .22s
That they carry in they shoes during crack wars?
You could be a young'un in the city that I'm from
And either way, life changes when somebody presses fast forward
All I wanted was some pussy and a passport
So I ain't on the train when the baseheads blast off
I don't pledge allegiance
See you when I see you
If I see you when I need you
They say collab or die, I was never for procedure
How the fuck can someone climb by reaching underneath them?
You just below the sneakers
P.S. Yes, these are pf's
Our peeps'll never be the bleacher creatures screaming, 'We next'
Keep the kings around our table, keep the queens in the bed
Y'all keep the collars, we the regal in the v-necks and Regals
Flew the coop, say his name
Bald eagle where all's equal cause all's evil
I say my prayers time to time, no doubt
But ain't no doubt in my mind there will be no sequel
So in the name of the father
Where I'm from, S Dot Carter
Nino and Pacino, yelling 'Chi Chi' by the water
This is on some Jungle Book, except for I'm the author

There'd be nothing more to say
If it wasn't for today
Paint a picture of escape
But I'll never run away

[Verse 2: Blu]
They trying to make me out of a fool, I make em hand me a mule
Told em hand me a tool and turn this booth to a school
They trying to tell me to die, put that tool in his eye
Make em take back pride, I'm back to break bad ties
Told the city I'm home, it's a pity you gone
Coulda said it to the dead, but I said it to clones
They call me B-L-U, keep the details short
Send your female love and send that e-mail through
I give a fuck about the drama
Bout to slap the shit out of a rapper momma
If he keep acting like he got a problem
Keep it true and original, you exist in the digital
Being me is a ritual, being you is a ridicule
Swallow your efforts, spot you out like a leopard
Peace to God and the shepherd
That nigga Hov is a measure
You could praise all the Jays
You could say it's a phase
Some are meant to remain
And some of you got to change
My advice is leave your vices where the vice is
Ain't no prizes for the fighters that lost
Cut the snake after he swallows his thoughts
Bitch niggas



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