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dreamland (andy allo featuring blu)


Soul Amazing (Part Two)
1.piranhas (9th wonder featuring blu, sene & definite)(提供)
2.colours (big tone featuring blu)(提供)
3.the richers (tiron featuring asher roth & blu)(提供)
4.we beamin' (remix) (lupe fiasco featuring all city chess club)(提供)
5.smoke (j dilla featuring blu)(提供)
6.the day (the roots featuring blu, phonte & patty crash)(提供)
7.radio daze (the roots featuring blu, dice raw & p.o.r.n.)(提供)
8.how do you sleep (recess featuring blu)(提供)
9.samsonite man (fashawn featuring blu)(提供)
10.therapy (alchemist featuring blu, evidence, kid cudi & talib kweli)(提供)
11.get chose (mr. brady featuring diamond d & blu)(提供)
12.girls (hezekiah featuring t3 & blu)(提供)
13.old souls (grouch & eligh featuring blu)(提供)
14.wednesday (budamunky featuring c.r.a.c.)(提供)
15.love line (exile featuring blu)(提供)
16.dreamland (andy allo featuring blu) (提供)
17.ifeel (l.a.u.s.d. featuring jack davey & blu)(提供)
18.jazz pt. 2 (tribute remix) (j. period featuring blu)(提供)
19.life of a lover (remix) (theophilus london featuring blu)(提供)
20.cringe (pac div featuring blu)(提供)
21.robots (bilal featuring blu)(提供)
22.excuse me (make room) (mic holden featuring blu)(提供)
23.in (the clubhouse featuring homeboy sandman, blu & freddie gibbs)(提供)
24.sour patch kids (remix) (asher roth featuring talib kweli, travis barker & blu)(提供)
25.supa fly (s1 featuring inspectah deck, blu & chuck sly)(提供)
26.green green (mestizo featuring blu & reid)(提供)
27.d.i.s.c.o. dynamite (mainframe featuring blu)(提供)
28.triumph (big tone featuring blu)(提供)
29.your life (med featuring blu)
30.angelic (co$$ featuring blu)
31.from the heart (deep rooted featuring blu)(提供)
32.motive pt. duex (sene featuring blu & co$$)(提供)

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