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Blank & Jones


Blank & Jones

City of Angels (Beach House mix)

Bacon Brothers, The
Getting There
City Of Fear

作詞:kevin bacon, michael bacon

You scared me when i met you
The way you sparkled in the dark
I drove around for hours
But you never showed your heart
You took me in your arms
That smelled of oranges and sage
You tempted me with glory
Until i was your slave
Then you took me to the party
You said you loved to watch me dance
But you took home the latest thing
And there was no second chance

Now your mountain's on fire your river's run dry
I got a burning desire to kiss an angel good bye
Climbing out of your smokescreen the weather looks clear
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Leave an angel below me in the city of fear

You scare me when i see you
Because i remember times we had
How you shook me like a baby
Who had swallowed something bad
You scare me because i need you
Like a roof over my head
Like a baby needs new shoes
Mama's milk and daddy's bread
But you distrust my honesty
And you distrust my car
And you don't like the way i look
When i'm playing my guitar


Sometimes i'm your lover your white knight your shining star
Sometimes i'm a dinosaur and i'm sinking in your tar



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