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Raw Cypher 2

Why you so dusty, boy I live plush
8AM, roll up, get sucked
200 pounds, throw it on a big truck
Get your chips up, Bern pulled up in a Benz truck
Where your friends at, tell 'em that the truth's here
Every night turn up like it's New Year
No stress just cookie and blue here
Damn, this shadow looks too clear
All around the world my name keep buzzin'
Rich off cook, I ain't worried 'bout nothin'
Me and [?]cousin
Can't see my face like lemme buy somethin'
Oh no, I used to move blow
I used to get money out of a high class ho
Now I just grow, I pull it all down
I trim it up nice, then I let it all go
My day burns slow, my crews on [?]
Coke white Benz on brand new rims
Make a girl spend, I just got 10
I blew it on gold and drinks with my friends
You know I said [?], you boys don't [?]
100 lights plus, no back seat
225 on my LB double
Smell-proof bag, I don't need no trouble
Before we had clear it was OG Bubble
200 mill, these boys don't hustle
Bern keeps the best price
TGOD Jet Life, Girl I'm the one
Take another shot, put a pill on your tongue
Preach, no sweet [?]
Get jaw from your girl, bet she'll break me off
That's right

Yo, talk is cheap, why speak, I rap
Double meaning, haters beef, then I feed off that
Double meaning, be on track, y'all beyond wack
I'm on the come up real quick like I beat off fast
I'm in the bottom in the grass, like snakes
I'm in the sky, like Drake's face on the CD case, annihilate
Annihilate, [?]
This nigga then me, big mouth gator
That means I'm greater, do me a favor
If you got weed then put it in raw papers
I been good like the candy Now and Later
Call up your neighbor and borrow some sugar
Who's your favorite rapper? I get picked like a booger
Rappers are signin' these deals, gettin' fucked
By these labels who pay you, that makes you a hooker
And it's crazy, I'm way better
Give me 46 opponents, I'm feelin' like Mayweather
Rappers say they cold, they feelin' like may weather
Me, I'm actually cold, I chill in eight sweaters
Focused on my endeavors, my flow has been kind of clever
No gimmicks, I got no image, no for real, hat in no leather
duce you to Futuristic, hi, it's been a pleasure
duce you to Futuristic twice and don't forget him
Jack Thriller said change my name
But as far as I know, bro, I rap, don't sing
And I don't fuck with a chick who supposedly had a dick
And I don't make tracks with Kanye and Wayne
That all sounds great, except the dick part
Killing Cyphers to get a kick start
Flow poison and I spit darts
I'm tryna get big like a kid's heart, for real
Said them fuck boys rest in peace
The recipe for me is to let me be
My cut, you shouldn't touch like an STD
I'm tryna check into the game like a guest in three
Earn stripes like a referee
Big fish in a small pond, Shark Tank invest in me
On June 9th my album's droppin'
Like an oxygen mask that's in a plane dang let me breath
I'm gone
Now I'm back
Now I'm gone for real

One time for raw papers
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King Show
It's gon' be alright doe
Please don't be alarmed
There's storm before the calm
I was born to be a god
But praises to our lord
Even when the sun's out, I see the stars
Even when it's dark out, I see the stars, I'm a star
A nigga so south paw, a avatar
And I never hit the back of the bus, I'm Rosa Parks
Me and Louis [?]
Swag on point in this motherfucker, Stussy
I don't wear that shit but nigga I'm Gucci
Turn up bitch, we turn down for what
Down south for the winter, I'm a flyin' duck
Shots come, fly niggas better fly and duck
And some of y'all stories not addin' up
I got gold all on my neck and shit
I'm on some extra shit, I stay flexin' bitch
Still sippin' on exorcist
In your hood where my necklace is
Flow poison: Bell Biv DeVoe
Deja Vu, I don' lived here before
How a nigga make it in college from the go
What a city where I'm from it's the murder capitol
I came in the game and conceived the career
The vision I had it was clearer and clearer
These niggas had beef and they know where I live
Tell 'em come on, 2 straps then I bang out
That lame shit got you layin' down
Same crib nigga, same house
On the way to the money nigga, same route
I sleep with the lions, I eat with the pigs
I was raised by wolfs, a team of gorillas
I'm fly like an eagle, you niggas is rats

I got a dream that's bigger than life
My nigga like can't you tell
I'm in the back of a black Acura
Gettin' sucked like Count Dracula, oh well
I should get a nobel peace prize for the rhymes that I spit
I'm high as a blimp
Give her this DVD, I'll probably piss on your CD
Beat these beats while you beat your meat
Why you fuckin' with a shark, you ain't got no teeth
Why you safe in a gang, you ain't in these streets
You a ho, you a bitch, you a straight pussy
I advise you little rap niggas, don't push me
I kick push, george bush, bet lupe see
Control my soul, now you can't play me
I ain't never fall in love cause I'm in too deep
You will never see it happen like a Kanye tweet
Schoolboy was a skinny nigga, prolly DDT
All you fake emcees that RIP, all these fuckin' beats
You niggas is 7 days cause you fuckin' week
Heard you niggas want to hate have a fuckin' seat
Been a real nigga since little nigga for real nigga
Now you shuffle the cards and tell me what's the deal with ya

2 door, super sport coupe
44 inches cut out the roof, son
Show these little ones what to do
Flow polished, show room new, quite accomplished
Underground pay dues, paid in full
Get paid major wages just to fall through
Roll cages in the vehicle, expensive and they dangerous
Lane switch, tryin' not to miss this plane, been
Flyin' for a long time, traveled to great distance
Cherishin' every minute of my existence
Cause it gets raw, there's a wall, I saw
Many things fall apart and given a new start
Got my low-rider parked, lightin' up in the dark
A little bit of my heart for free next time I charge
Shout out to the homie Fee
As we proceed