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Ben E. King


Ben E. King

Walking In the Footsteps of a Fool (Remastered)

With my eyes wide open I can see the danger sign.
You broke the heart before me and now you're after mine.
And with every every kiss I know that I'd take a step, mmm,
that puts me next in line. I'ma walking in the footsteps of a fool.

And he gave you all his loving and you paid him back in tears.
And now he's counting heartaches among his souvenir.
And I know I've begged, I've begged my heart, my heart to listen,
oh, but my heart just never hear. Babe, and I'm just-a walking
in the footsteps of a fool.

No, I know I just can't help my helpless heart from-a reachin' out to
you. Mmm, I'm just-a walking in his footsteps and there's not a thing
that I can do.
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Oh, I know that I shouldn't love you, baby, and I know
I shouldn't stay. I'm just-a headed for a heartbreak,
but I just can't turn away. And I said that tomorrow, baby,
tomorrow I know that I'll be crying, darling darling,
the tears he cried today. Mmmh-mmmh, I'ma walking in the
footsteps of a fool. Baby, did you hear me when I said that
I'm just-a (WALKING IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF A FOOL), oooh, step
by step by step by step, darling? And I said that I'm, and I know,
I know, I know that I'ma walking, I'ma walking, I'ma walking,


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