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Before Their Eyes


Before Their Eyes

We Destroyed All The Evidence

Fall away from the voices that they bring
From the feelings that this is all is just
A temporary thing

And I've written down my thoughts, I think
I've tried to catch them before they shrink
Into the things that explain
What is even going on
I've found other ways, I'm moving on
Hooded nights and the light from the moon
Will lead the way

We destroyed all the evidence
Should have seen this coming, predicted it
If your name was on it
Lies don't stay true for too long
We destroyed all the evidence
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Cause we heard em coming prevented it
If your name was on it
Oh, we torched it on our lawns

Soaked rags and gasoline
Karma's coming you know what I mean
Then you will feel
Nothing, at all

Now we sing to you on the best of nights
Midwestern sun lead by candlelight
We're not sure if we are
The ones who determined
What we are, all we know
Is that we can't give up