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Before Their Eyes


Before Their Eyes


I can't stand the look on your face
Don't you know what you've done to me
You'll never take a breath in their presence
As long as I shall live

You've been dragging me down so long
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Rest assured redemptions on its way
We all know you're wrong, so wrong
Tell me why did you think this would fade away

I've seen that look in your eyes
You're showing all of the signs
You tried so hard
You've been caught red handed

You led them with false words
And then you left them for dead
And now they're rotting to pieces
You led them with false words
And then we gathered the helpless
Now it's time for redemption

You had it planned all the lives that you take
To take control is all you crave

One by one I've gathered
All the problems you made
Pieced them back together
These are the souls to be saved
Now we're marching nails in hand
To reverse the damage
That you've presented to me



Now we tamed the beast, pierced his hands
They're dripping blood, you've been caught red handed
The burning truth is so clear now
You're wrong, so wrong, and I can't stand it

You've been dragging me down so long
Redemption's here today