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Becky Taylor


Becky Taylor

I'm Flying

作詞:Mark Charlap, Carolyn Leigh

I'm flying
Look at me way up high
Suddenly here am I
I'm Flying
I'm flying

I can soar, I can weave and what's more
I'm not even trying
High up, and as light as I can be

I must be a sight lovely to see
I'm flying

Nothing will stop me now
Higher still, look at how I can zoom around
'Way up off the ground
I'm flying

I'm flying
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Like an owl, like a bat on the prowl
It's so satisfying

I'm wizzin'
Through a cloud, past a star
I'm so proud
Look how far I've risen

High over the moon higher I fly
'Bye old mister moon, bid me goodbye
I'm flying

Heading far out of sight
Second star to the right
Now the way is clear
Neverland is near
Follow all the arrows
I'm about to disappear
I'm flying