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Bart Baker

Hair Parody

I am Sean Paul I was big back in two-thousand three
(How'd you get on my phone?)
We used to date don't act like you do not know me
So now in order to gain relevance with teens
I'm gonna ruin your new song with my singing

God no

I call my squad
Girls we got a problem
Has been Sean Paul
is getting featured in
our new hit pop song 'Hair'
That can't be it's not fair no!

Check out his pics
Can't believe you dated
There's just one thing to do now get wasted
This is like a nighmare
Hey look there

I just saw Sean Paul out there
I'm sure it was him I swear
I don't see him anywhere
I hope they don't look down here

We're just another generic pop group
Created and managed by Simon Cowell
My next cash now
Cos One Direction sucks now
But good pop groups always have five members
we're just a low-budgeth Fifth Harmony
Like 98 degrees
was to Nsync and Backstreet

Pizza's guy here

Why did we order
this many pizzas?
Hey it's Sean Paul
ew get out you geezer!

This song's ours get lost!
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Let Sean da Paul be involved

Maybe if we
Give ourselves haircuts
Sean Paul will not
recognize us
and he'll get out hair
I'll also cut down there
I have got to get in there
get my hands on all there hair
and cover my head that's bane
so they'll think I am younger

Three of us look like perky teenagers
but I look like I'm at least forty-one
Cos she's my mom
Shhh be quiet just act young!
Who are you?
I am the electrician
I'm here to fix the electricity
Ew it is Sean P
jerk out of our song please!

Yo yo!

Leave us alone!
Why are you being such a hater?
You're trying to ruin our song!
No I'm in Jamaica
as you can see I'm in a tropical location
I'm definitely not just hiding in your kitchen
if someones trying to get in your house it's not me
Then who's the douchebag in my kitchen with a green screen?
That in the final straw you freak stop with the stalking!
Don't lock the door I just want you hair cos I'm balding
We're got to call the cops on that weirdo
This is an emergency!
We need help please
I am sending the police
What seems to be the problem ladies?
Sean Paul broke in the house to steal our hair
Make him disappear!
Where is he?
He's in there

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yasssssssss I love Bart baker keep going! ;)


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