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Baby Blue Sound Crew

The Day Before

(chorus )
I'm Stronger than
the day before
i look at you
with love no more
no more tears
and no more pain
i'm glad to see that you're an ordinary man
Only when you needed me, or someone to release your fears,
I'm sadened that it had to end,
but I'm glad to see your an ordinary man.

Why did'nt you come sooner,
before my heart walked out the door.
I waited all these years,
kept asking you for more.
Our friendship will always remain the same,
the love making we'll see.
But if it were up to me,
I'd never leave cause you make me complete.

(chorus )
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You know you were my weakness,
that's why you came before you called.
Now I'm finished with your games,
although you heart complains.
But cha never wanted, what you had, till it's gone
was never enough for me.
If it were up to me, I'd never leave cause you make complete.

( chorus )

Don't even try,
don't even try.
I'm tired of the lies.
said I'm tired of the lies
Everyday of everyday,
now I changed,
my ways.
Now I can look you in the eyes,
and no longer cry.