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Baba Brinkman


Baba Brinkman

Hypothesis 5 (Evolutionism)

The scope of evolution is truly amazing
It explains so much, from the allure of a beautiful lady
To the taste of food, to the roots of human nature
But if you think it's just genes duplicating, don't be too hasty
The genes inside of us out-competed rival genes
And some of them arrived on the scene by violent means
But others arrived by designing minds that dream
And learn how to settle rivalries using things like rhyme schemes
Evolution explains design in nature
As the selective retention of blind variation
And that's exactly how the mind explores design spaces
And when it finds something nice it says “Damn, I'm creative!”
So it's time to turn the page on that played out nature
Versus nurture debate, 'cause every urge, every murderous rage
Aand every peace-making word that we say
Is just the product of one simple process churning away