One More Time (Bonus Track) 歌詞 Currensy ※
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One More Time (Bonus Track)


No sweaters in better, bitch bring it on
Stacked enough cheddar to change the weather love, where we goin?
Landin to them coupes with the fine leather, six figure gas pedals
I got these broads under pressure, cause they be gnawin'
See that nigga there, year after year, he top scorin'
How you want it? them legs or them 787 bonds, what you doin?
Them roadsters touring editions, with the tops on em'
One things for sure, them JLR boys be quick to drop on em
No hot soup fo em', without warning
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Either a nigga hella high touchin the clouds, or the sky fallin'
I do this for my league money niggas, and my homeboys who not ballin'
Trill bitches know that I keep me a fifty tucked in my sock fo em
Roll up, hot boxed the caprice side make the block fo em
Let em out, get back on my paper route, stack house
Keep that shit bumpin like a drive thru crack house
Rap hustlin, she wait for em, to come inside, so i can smash out
Roll the weed up, let you hair down, shut the blinds
Cut the music up, wait, turn around one more time