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Cunninlynguists, The Grouch & Eligh


Cunninlynguists, The Grouch & Eligh

Too Many Winters

I'm talking dirt floors
not roads
cold feet
no heat
hoping the insulation got no leaks
stove burning for fo' weeks
they bout to cut the gas off
shawty got 6 kids
youngest with a bad cough
daddy died of cancer
mama was his tiny dancer
but now that fairy tale's atlantis
and nobody's got the answers
and it's freezing
she's eaten way too many dinners chilled
they don't sell the benadryl
for those colds
ain't no subwoofers for those lows
no chimney for cocoa
froze as a framed photos
all night
bundled with her babies through the long nights
the winter's no pretender
he is no bark
all bite
little lucy was tall fight
would call Christ
but on the same dime go to war come game time
she had to find the will to shine in the dark
sometimes you need winter for fire to spark
thats all im saying

Its evident, theres something heaven sent,
watching over me like the secret service watch the president.
A resident of LAUSD, I was a hesitant little boy,
a little coy, a little shy, inner city schooling was the measurement,
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of how I never measured up,
I wasn't tough enough, I couldn't fight, I liked to draw,
I liked to write, and there were times,
when something pulled me left instead of right,
avoiding ass beatings in the alley ways,
by candle light I thought of ways to mangle mics,
if I ever had a chance,
tenements, of my mind, filled with mini me's, telling me
'you can do it!' and 'no you can't'
back and forth, fast forward, Legends on the road,
I act a fool, I lose control.
Should of lost my life. Stickin my dick in the dirt.
Dirty women and dirty drug memories tatter the walls,
or decorate the halls now that Ive survived,
Angels in the outfield, thats why Im alive.
Sentiments of a fire place during winter time.

Warm my soul with this winterfire
Until the wheels fall off boy I'll never retire
Hired for a job they really has no finish
I'm bad bro
Without the bad bro image
Manifestations of a kid with foresight
Intentional aim, use my heat to make more light
'Cause I never knew a cunnin' linguist
To fit in with the crowd
So we come distinguished
Get low like Mingus
The night glows
As we sit around the campground and chant down evil forces
We're who the mic chose
You won't do shit about it mayne
Can't tame these horses
Can't you see my breath breathe?
Is it cold outside or is it just me?
Through many three dog noches most freeze
We keep it lit
Toast to these OG's