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Look at all those people livin' in those places
The look of desparation's written on their faces
No escape, no way out
Trapped in a circle of doubt
Are they happy? I don't know
Pocket your emptiness, what does it show?

Living, just living
I've got a miss, I'm trapped on a map
I'm tired to be something
Is god all there is? Is god all there is?

Not much hope for any future
No desire to recall the past
Lower standards of education
Hard to think when your stomach's empty
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Procreation, no concious, no caution
Another one, look what's you've done
Soon another mouth to feed
Babies for income, you can't be doing that

Thoughts of many colors
Look at what they're saying
Territorial frustration
There is a war zone inside this nation
Young man stands accused
Street light, nothing new
Filled with anger, filled with hatred
The situation understated