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Chief Keef


Chief Keef

Fix That

feat. Tadoe
製作:Chief Keef

I hit Saks, I spend racks
I spend stacks, I can get it back
Nigga get back, I go click clack
Leave the pussy wet, don't get bitch smacked
Ride down on ya, in the tic tac
And this designer on me, it's fucking mismatched
Grab a big mac, break your Kit Kat
All these tools on me, and I can fix that

[Verse 1: Chief Keef]
When I was up in rehab, I was smoking tooka dope
Aye boy what you smoking on, it's probably some fookah dope
Buy a Gucci throw it on, $5000 for it how you ain't know?
Walk up in the Louis store, they know I got them big bankrolls
I am sipping purple drank, no girl this is not yellow
No I do not know that hoe, she in Miami I know
Now I'm somewhere in west coast, smoking on the best dope
Fat ass clipper in my chop, if you want a trim lets go
Ooo, I'm acting a fool, Hoes say I'm rude
And some say I'm cute, and make me food
I'm up at Barney's, don't want no Louis
I want Balmain's, I don't want no shoes
So smooth, won't catch me snooze
Ooo, my watch a fool
It's fucked, them niggas bools
Is it false, and or is it true?

[Verse 2: Tadoe]
Yall know how we bummin man
Fresh off of touring man, back off of touring man
Back at it 24-H 365 man
Walk up in Barney's can't even decide man
Balmain's no red bottoms
You hear me? big bands finesse yall
You see us doing this shit nigga cause we still doing this shit
Nigga so was doing this shit cause we been doing this shit
Nigga, yall know how the fuck we coming nigga
RIP Blood nigga, RIP cap nigga
Sneak diss catch a slug nigga

[Verse 3: Chief Keef]
Where the nigga? Imma scratch
Who is that tho, youngest flexer
Yall got questions, I can't answer
I'm a rich nigga, no time for dandruff
Dodging Aiki, smoking dopey
She has the best head, she gets a trophy
Nigga I'm 2-4, you do not know me
You are a peon, that's what she told me

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Angel Wood
Brilliant...the gunshot at the end is sooooooo AWESOME!

Angel Wood