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I Am (Interlude)

作詞:Sean Combs, Levin Coppin, Berry Jr Gordy, Brenda Holloway, Patrice Holloway, Deleko Matthews, Leroy V Watson, Frank Edward Wilson

It only gets stronger, it only gets stronger
It only gets more intense, it only gets more intense
All the pressure's on your neck, you feel me, you feel me?
So Bad Boy, so Bad Boy, I'm richer bitch

I got a brand new flow, man, soul cleansed
Got a brand new soul, man
'Cause lightnin' struck my plane's wings and energized my things
Now I'm out lookin' for that brass ring

Uhh, New York feel it in they gut
'Cause if Jay comin' back, then the world need Puff
Emotional bond to the game, I'm attached
I gave most of you dudes life, now give back

I'm the man that beefed with a whole coast
Lost my best friend and still see his ghost
Your lawsuit is lost, I walk through courts
So disrespectful, I spit when I talk

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I recognize niggaz tryin' to copy my style
But never been a nigga this fly, holdin' it down for this long
Nigga, I let y'all eat for this long
Now the king's back on the streets crack

I'ma put it on my son's name
I'ma change from the mundane, Monday through Sunday
Lived through the gun play, now I'm in one lane
Fuckin' with the white man, gettin' on my fun shame

Can't complain, fly as I ever been
Half a ounce sniffer, high as I ever been
Never no losses, I'm a winner
The boss of all bosses, I'm that nigga

It only gets stronger
It only gets more intense
All the pressure's on your neck
You feel me, so Bad Boy, I'm richer, bitch