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Alive, Immortal

The autumn has to arrive, will it be autumn for this disease
Or the autumn for me; a question remains, not mine to decide

I cannot know who cares for me when I've gone, so I'll receive all the care while I still breathe
For when I'm buried, I've gone into oblivion, I'm forgotten, sunk into the waters of Lethe

In communion I receive not only bread but as well your given Son's flesh
Thus I become an ark, a monument and the grave of your most blessed Son
Through communion he and every merit he gained by his own death
Become buried within me, making me alive in this world, immortal in the one to come

Allow me to see, O Lord, that not the most fierce disease; no contrition of sin, temptation from Satan
Or prison of decease; not this malady bed, not even grave; dark and confined can deprive me
From that intent and desirable aspiration You have sealed for my fate

The greatest indication of your mercy is to pass away in you
And through death become unified with the One who died on behalf of me