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Arcanum Serpens

That which is the most clandestine is the most perilous as well

By the curse of the serpent, I am cursed
By his creeping I shall be ruined
His sting in my heel was but a start
And along with death, afterwards
Through my ears, through my eyes
He has invaded into my neart
Through the holes in my very soul

In me the serpent works in secrecy; his presence I do not notice
One of his greatest deeds; when I sin, none perceives
His undeniable master deed; I sin so secretly even I don't see

Not that the Devil is within me
But that I've become the devil for myself
I do not only hold an adder on my chest
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But for my own self I am that serpent

Let your serpent of brass be ever-present in me
Let nim heal this wound, stung by the serpent of old
May the lion of Judah stand protecting me
Against the roaring lion, seeking whom to devour

Grant me the wisdom of serpent to guard me
Against the wickedness of the serpent

Serpent of brass against the serpent of old
Lion of Judah against the one that roars
And the spirit or your Dove against them both
Against the roaring and the wicked ones