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Mind Adventures (The Master mix)

Many lifetimes have I seen, all are vivid in my dreams
Different stories, different themes
Mind adventures
Many mountains have I climbed, to kiss the sky of sweet July
Exotic birds go flying by
Mind adventures, yeah yeah

Would you like an invitation, to my destination
It ain't hard its easy to find
I won't beg or buy ill borrow love, hey what are you thinking of
Adventures take place in my mind

Many stories I've been told by wise men young and some are old
They were strong and they were bold
Mind adventures
Many seasons have I seen, unconventional indeed
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In places they have never seen
Spring or summer

Futuristic I may be, I don't feel differently
About strange things I hear and see
Mind adventures
You may have eyes you may not see, you may possess dry chemistry
These mean nothing much to me
Mind adventures, ooh wee

Mind adventures they will set you free
It's easy as you'll see
Mind adventures they will set you free, its easy and you'll see
Ooh ooh, yeah yeah, aiy aiy, eee eee


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