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Derek Minor


Derek Minor

Love You Better

We first met my heart was beatin' like a drum set
You play guitar with my emotions is this love yes
You need a lead singer
Let me be yo front man
And put diamonds on yo finger girl
Now you got a rock band
It's done been a long day
Leave it up to me?
Turn my swag on Jackie Chan
Trynna sweep you off yo feet
Always there regardless of what I do
Now my life is camera shy
I can't picture it without you girl
(And girl you bad, you bad, you bad)
But I ain't got to tell you that
(Tell you that)
But I still do
(I still do)
And it's still true
(It's still true)
And we still here after all we been through
(We been through)
It's still me
And it's still you let's go

All I know is
You've been good to me
But I can love you better
I can love you better woah
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All I want is you for the rest of my life
But I can love you better
I can love you better baby

It goes rose, petals, Marvin Gaye
And yo favorite fragrans
Dining room candles lit lookin like a séance
Your boys out there's whippin
You ain't know I got that pot smokin
Plus I got a bubble bath with yo name on it
You ain't got to worry bout a thing
I want our love first class
You bout to get an upgrade
Come fly with me
She ride or die with me (ride or die with me)
I know that cause when we was broke
That girl survived with me
Yeah, I swear to God on that alter
My love for You will never falter
And I plan on keepin that promise forever
We going higher today girl I'm a love you better

Yeah I'm a love you better
And I'm a treat you better babe
Cause you got my last name yeah
And I'm a love you better
So I'm a love you better baby yeah